freight service

Air Freight Service:

DH has cooperated with more than 50 international airlines for many years, and has established a long-term and stable partnership and a global transportation network. As a first-class international air freight forwarder, it not only provides international air freight with superior prices and services, but also realizes bulk air freight , oversized and overweight cargo by air, air charter flights, and air cargo booking, whether it is the off-season or peak season of international aviation, the cabins we have booked can guarantee on-time departure, and provide cargo delivery services around the world, which can effectively improve your supply chain efficiency and cut costs.

Air freight services include: import and export document processing , customs clearance services , sea and air transport , project transport and charter services, door-to-door delivery

Shipping service:

As a leading company in ocean freight ranking, we maintain cooperative relationships with major ocean shipping companies to ensure that you can easily obtain available shipping container space at competitive prices. Our ocean freight services are reliable, flexible and transparent. A team of ocean freight experts provides you with a simpler solution and a lower cost. Our ocean freight services include multiple sea trips within a week, warehouse protection plans, timely and accurate information, and transparent charges.

Shipping services include: LCL (Lcl): import and export ; FCL (Fcl): import and export; LCL-FCL (Lcl-Fcl): all kinds of goods are assembled into FCL for packing and delivery; FCL – LCL (Fcl-Lcl); the goods are loaded at the customer’s location and cleared for shipment, and delivered to multiple recipients at the destination.

Ground service:

DH is good at organizing the transportation of large-scale project engineering equipment, oversized and out-of-gauge goods, and has obvious advantages in international multimodal transport, transit transport, domestic land transport, tracking of goods in transit, and door-to-door service. We can provide comprehensive services such as “less-than-truckload loading”, “vehicle dispatching”, “full-process transportation monitoring”, “transparent information service support”, and we also provide any complete international inland transportation to inland cities in the United States, Mexico and Canada Serve. Through extensive transportation resource allocation and scheduling, and good cooperation with professional freight companies, interstate transport systems, railway lines, and various express companies through good cooperative relations, the customer’s goods are transported to the customer’s destination safely and punctually.

Land transportation services include: less-than-truckload, nationwide door-to-door land transportation of whole vehicles, chartered transportation, special land transportation (dangerous goods, refrigerated transportation, oversized and overweight object transportation, valuables transportation), multimodal transportation.

FBA Amazon goods service (Fulfillment by Amazon)

DH has been cooperating with international logistics experience and service network for a long time to provide you with first-leg transportation services from China to Amazon warehouses in the United States, Canada and other countries. Full tracking, stable timeliness, and wide coverage. The professional logistics service team can customize personalized logistics solutions according to customer needs, and various logistics methods such as air transportation, sea transportation, express delivery, and dedicated lines are available for customers to choose. FCL and LCL will be followed up by customer specialists one-on-one, and will not mix boxes to ensure the accuracy of the goods. The company has long-term cooperation with local towing companies to provide safe, timely and efficient delivery services.