Premium Matte Graduation Cap, Gown & Tassel Package - 12 Colors Available

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Cap Features:

 100% matte polyester

 With mortarboard

 Glued seams for a tighter fabric

 Elastic band installed inside 

Cap Measurements:

9" * 9" hardboard

Circumference: 19.2”

Cap Measurements:

 Made of rayon 

 Gold plated copper clasp

 Movable year charm of gold zinc 

 Reinforced tassel knot 

Tassel Measurements:

9" long tassel

• 6" long hang loop

1.28" year charm 

 0.375" * 0.5" clasp

This Economy Bachelor Graduation Cap Gown and Tassel Package is one of the most popular packages of our website. The economy bachelor graduation gown is the eco-friendly style for bachelor graduation students. The sleeves are full-length, also pleated at the shoulders, which presents a formal and easy-to-maintain appearance. The neck and collar area is single-layered, allowing the gown to hang comfortably from the shoulders without bunching or bulging in the front or back. The economy bachelor graduation gown comes in a number of sizes, so it is appropriate for everyone, no matter how tall or short they are. The matching caps have elastic bands installed inside. These bands expand to fit to each child's head. Tassels have a long rope that can be used to tie your tassel to objects. Black is the darkest color, resulting from the absence or complete absorption of light.                                                                                

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Children Cap and Gown Size Chart

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